Value Engineering: understanding the cost of design

There’s nothing better than an exceptional building design, but sometimes —when architects and contractors aren’t on the same page —an exceptional building design becomes impractical and expensive when time and materials are brought into the equation. At Storage Construction, we’ve mastered the design-build process so that every project is designed with the builders —and the […]

One contact, one call.  

During the design and construction process of a storage facility, a project owner might be on the phone with a project representative up to four times a week for a year or more. Having to guess who to call for answers during that time period can be a frustrating, problematic issue.  As an owner, you […]

Anticipating the Problem: Protecting the Pike

Let’s face it: most construction projects run into challenges somewhere along the line.  Storage construction projects are no different. Delays in intermediate phases of the project, breakdowns in the supply chain, complications with permits  — all are familiar hurdles in the road from design to opening. Where Storage Construction distinguishes itself is in our ability […]

Behind the Scenes

It might be easy to see the progress of any construction project by watching the activity on the actual jobsite, but there’s a lot of unseen activity that happens before the first scoop of dirt is moved, and before the first customer drives through the gate. Here are just a few: Design: working with architects […]