Manheim, PA

Phase 3 of this project includes a 23,000 square-foot expansion with 154 units and 10,000 square feet of temperature controlled storage

Finksburg, MD

The 19,700-square-foot facility in Finksburg, MD, was completed in February of 2022

York, PA – Richland Avenue

(July 28, 2022) This past June, we put the finishing touches on the 92,000-square foot Moove-In Self Storage facility on Richland Avenue in York This converted structure in York, PA, , on which we began work in August of 2021, includes nearly 575 units, and incorporates a mezzanine system to add a second story to […]

Blue Bell, PA

This 102,000 square-foot, three-story new construction in Blue Bell, Pa, was completed in Spring 2023.

Glen Rock, PA

The Moove-In Self-Storage expansion in Glen Rock, PA, which broke ground in May 2022, was completed in November of 2022.  The new construction consists of 4 new single-story buildings that house 130 units. Approx. 15,000 sq feet Approx. 130 units

Colmar, PA

(June 22, 2022) The 87,000 square-foot, 3-story North Penn project in Colmar, PA, was completed in May 2022. This new facility required the demolition and removal of a 32,000 square-foot existing building, an existing slab of more than 18,000 square feet, plus several tons of unsuitable soils. The finished structure includes a new slab, two […]

Pottstown, PA (Phase II)

Phase II of the Pottstown, PA, Moove-In Self-Storage project is building on Phase I of a successful conversion project. The existing structure, a former auto dealership, was renovated to yield 170 indoor self-storage units in a great location.

Thomasville, PA

Moove-In Self Storage’s 24,000 square-foot expansion in Thomasville, PA, which began construction in May of 2022, was completed in October 2022. Addition to an existing facility.  Discussions are underway to potentially design and get approvals for an additional phase to be constructed in 2023.

Gilbertsville, PA

This newly completed (April 2022) three-phase, multiple-story construction project in Gilbertsville, PA is made up of more than 86,000 square feet and 9 buildings.

Avondale, PA

The Avondale facility is new construction, consisting of four structures containing 760 temperature-controlled and drive-up self-storage units.

Pottstown, PA

The transformation of the Pottstown, PA, property shows the positive impact conversions can have on an old site.  The existing structure, a former auto dealership, was renovated to yield 170 indoor self-storage units in a great location.

Allentown, PA

The Budget Store & Lock Project in Allentown is a perfect example of how efficiency and creative problem solving were used to keep a project from missing a prime rental season. The project got underway in the late fall of 2018, right around the time that temperatures were beginning to dip, and when other builders […]

Lititz, PA

The Moove In Self Storage project began as an existing 20,000 square-foot, drive-up storage facility, and an adjoining motorcycle repair shop. The plans involved the removal of those two buildings, and the construction of a new, three-story building with two above-ground levels, and one underground level. The project included the reinforcing of an embankment that […]

Bear, DE

Expansion potential is an exciting opportunity for a self-storage owner. As the customer base increases, it can be beneficial to expand the facility to accommodate. On this project, our team was able to advise ownership on possibilities for the property and complete the job. This project in Bear, Delaware involved adding two buildings. The property is […]

Primos, PA

The transformation of the Primos, PA property shows the positive impact conversions can have on an old property. The existing structures were renovated, and two additional buildings were built. This created space for over 800 self-storage units in a great location. Formerly a newspaper headquarters, the facility offered a bonus feature that carries over to […]