Value Engineering: understanding the cost of design

There’s nothing better than an exceptional building design, but sometimes —when architects and contractors aren’t on the same page —an exceptional building design becomes impractical and expensive when time and materials are brought into the equation.

At Storage Construction, we’ve mastered the design-build process so that every project is designed with the builders —and the budget — in mind.  This process is called value engineering, a creative, organized effort, which analyzes the requirements of a project to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total costs over the life of the project. Storage Construction uses experienced, multi-disciplinary teams to maximize value and economy through different design concepts, materials, and methods without compromising our clients’ objectives.

We understand what is realistic and what isn’t when it comes to how a site is positioned, how it is erected, how the traffic is managed, how the property is serviced, secured, maintained, and more.

Knowing how to balance form and function in the project design stage can be invaluable when it comes to the actual process of constructing a facility —and invaluable to your bottom line.

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