Behind the Scenes

It might be easy to see the progress of any construction project by watching the activity on the actual jobsite, but there’s a lot of unseen activity that happens before the first scoop of dirt is moved, and before the first customer drives through the gate. Here are just a few:

  • Design: working with architects to create a structure that combines form and function within the owner’s expectations
  • Scheduling: drafting an overall construction plan incorporating all of the different phases of work
  • Budgeting: determining the different costs associated with each step, based on the overall project budget
  • Permitting: acquiring permissions and inspections from government planning commissions, industry oversight bodies, and many others
  • Contract negotiation: working with subcontractors to secure and schedule services

At Storage Construction, we have more than two decades of experience as both builders and owners of storage facilities. That experience brings a breadth of understanding that the efficient handling of what happens off-site is no less important than the building itself.

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