Del Patterson

Del Patterson is one of our newest Project Manager, having joined Storage Construction in March 2023.

In his position, Del’s responsibilities are to:

·         Manage the scheduling and budgeting aspects of his projects

·         Ensure good, clear communication between Storage Construction and his customers

·         Communicate the scope of the project needs and schedule to subcontractors

·         Make on-site safety a priority, and support the Site Superintendent in safety efforts

·         Maintain and foster a positive perspective throughout the inevitable ups and downs in every project

Del has been involved with construction in some form for most of his life, and enjoys seeing things go from an empty site to a finished project. His background includes material installations, with a focus on large-scale, installed wood framing projects like student, multi-family, and senior housing.

He also has a history of serving on safety committees with previous employers, and believes safety takes a priority over other concerns on a jobsite.

When he isn’t working, Del makes time for faith, family, and spending as much time outside as he can.

“We live in a great area for being outdoors,” says Del. “I try to get out as much as possible, especially kayaking.”