All About Upgrades

Curb appeal: The #1 way to attract customers

Self-storage facility upgrades can be a clear point of differentiation in a competitive marketplace.  Buildings of all ages can be renovated and updated to make a positive impression when customers enter your facility.

But how can you tell when it’s time to “freshen things up?”  Begin by taking a look at the competition. If you have the oldest facility in your market, chances are you could use a renovation to become more inviting to customers. Next, take a walk through your facility with an objective eye. Take note of peeling paint, scuffed and dented doors, and other cosmetic issues.

If you find that it is indeed time for some upgrades, here are a few that deliver the biggest impact in the shortest period of time:

New doors  Self storage doors receive a lot of wear and tear, and are often the first element of a facility to show its age. New doors can create an immediate visual impact. Combined with additional locking features, new doors can be a significant selling point.

Painting  Repainting an older, faded building delivers a big visual impact, and can also enable a company to reinforce its brand with new colors

New Roofing  Many older sites have screw-down roofs, which involve multiple fasteners drilled into a facility’s sub-roofing.  These can be replaced with new standing seam roofs, which add a sleeker look and eliminates the risk of leakage.

Another element to highlight is an upgraded security system. While less visually obvious, security is extremely important to customers, and a renovated/upgraded access control system, and monitoring hardware and software can be a key selling point.

Our design and construction experts have decades of experience in not only constructing new facilities, but also turning older sites into showpieces. Let us know if you’ve got questions about upgrades and improvements – we’d be glad to help.