(January 16, 2023)

Mel Bishop is Director of Construction Services, giving her responsibility for the general oversight of all Storage Construction projects and their progress. She works with the team of site superintendents and project managers to provide the right balance of support and management.

“My goal is to be as much a resource for our team of project managers at Storage Construction as a manager,” she says.

Mel also tracks project costs and progress status, and serves as a trouble-shooter and problem-solver as required and as requested.

Mel joined Storage Construction in July of 2021 as Assistant Director of Construction. Before joining the field of self-storage, Mel worked in construction management, and takes pride in the recognition that some of her retail and industrial projects have received for their design.

She is equally proud to have maintained long-term, professional relationships with vendors and co-workers, to the degree that some of her associates and colleagues have shifted their own professional paths to work with her.

When she’s not in the office, Mel likes spending time with her family, as well as at the beach, and enjoys going to concerts.