Royersford, PA

Some facilities require certain cosmetic finishes to acquire construction approval. This project was outfitted with decorative elements to make it blend into the surrounding retail buildings.

Phase I was completed in 2017. The project involved constructing four buildings, one of which is a two-story structure. It features a combination of temperature and non-temperature controlled units, which gives the owner more options to meet the clients’ needs.

Phase II will be wrapped up in 2019 and includes a two-building expansion that adds 19,800 square feet of rentable space to the property.


  • 38,500 square feet
  • 4 buildings
  • One 2-story building with decorative finishes to match surrounding retail buildings
  • 3 single story buildings
  • Mix of temperature/non-temperature controlled units
  • 392 units
  • Project completed: 2017

Phase II

  • Currently under construction
  • 19,800 square feet
  • 2 building expansion
  • One 2- story building
  • One single story building
  • 250 Units
  • Will be completed in early 2019