Single Story

Atlantic City, NJ

This DXD Capital project, scheduled for completion in Q2 2024, will be a 103,426 square-foot facility, with both single-story and multi-story buildings.  

Manheim, PA

Phase 3 of this project includes a 23,000 square-foot expansion with 154 units and 10,000 square feet of temperature controlled storage

Souderton, PA

Phase II of this new construction project involves 6 single-story structures that will constitute a 52,000 square foot new facility: 322 units, consisting of a mix of exterior drive-up, temperature-controlled, and non-temperature-controlled units The new buildings will include: 1 @ 7,200 square feet 2  @ 7,500 square feet 1 @ 10,000 square feet 1 @ […]

Westminster, MD

(October 26, 2022)  Storage Construction just started work on a 56,600 square-foot, six-building new construction project in Westminster, Md.  Estimated completion is fall of 2023.  Storage Construction has been working with the owners through township approvals for more than 5 years.

Ocean City, MD

Storage Construction is closing in on the completion of a 76,000 square-foot, new Cube Smart construction project in Ocean City, Md.  Estimated completion is Summer 2023.  

Marlboro, NJ

(October 26, 2022)  Storage Construction started work on a 90,100 square-foot, six-building new construction project in Marlboro, NJ.  Estimated completion is March 2023.

Lancaster, PA

(October 17, 2022)  Storage Construction just signed the contract for a 55,500 square-foot, five-building new construction project in Lancaster, Pa.  Estimated completion is mid-2023.

Finksburg, MD

The 19,700-square-foot facility in Finksburg, MD, was completed in February of 2022

Glen Rock, PA

The Moove-In Self-Storage expansion in Glen Rock, PA, which broke ground in May 2022, was completed in November of 2022.  The new construction consists of 4 new single-story buildings that house 130 units. Approx. 15,000 sq feet Approx. 130 units

Pottstown, PA (Phase II)

Phase II of the Pottstown, PA, Moove-In Self-Storage project is building on Phase I of a successful conversion project. The existing structure, a former auto dealership, was renovated to yield 170 indoor self-storage units in a great location.

Thomasville, PA

Moove-In Self Storage’s 24,000 square-foot expansion in Thomasville, PA, which began construction in May of 2022, was completed in October 2022. Addition to an existing facility.  Discussions are underway to potentially design and get approvals for an additional phase to be constructed in 2023.

Avondale, PA

The Avondale facility is new construction, consisting of four structures containing 760 temperature-controlled and drive-up self-storage units.

Allentown, PA

The Budget Store & Lock Project in Allentown is a perfect example of how efficiency and creative problem solving were used to keep a project from missing a prime rental season. The project got underway in the late fall of 2018, right around the time that temperatures were beginning to dip, and when other builders […]

Bear, DE

Expansion potential is an exciting opportunity for a self-storage owner. As the customer base increases, it can be beneficial to expand the facility to accommodate. On this project, our team was able to advise ownership on possibilities for the property and complete the job. This project in Bear, Delaware involved adding two buildings. The property is […]

Quarryville, PA

Visible from the road at the Quarryville facility is an office building that can be mistaken for a barn. Behind the “barn” are numerous single-story storage buildings. The unique lot shape is fully utilized with the buildings being laid out one behind the other on an incline.